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Focus on every aspect of you
Bo Yan Medical is located in Burnaby area and is a medical beauty platform established in cooperation with the local Elicare Medical Group. Calling on Elicare's strong medical and healthcare resources, Boyan Medical combines the cutting-edge medical technology in North America and high-end humanized service quality to meet the various medical needs of the Chinese in Metro Vancouver.
Dedication to Quality
Established in 2018, Boen Medical Cosmetics, in partnership with Elicare Medical, aims to deliver high quality medical cosmetics to clients from a variety of backgrounds in the Greater Vancouver Area. Specializing in photorejuvenation, cryolipolysis, as well as conventional personal care regiments grounded in diet and nutrition, Boen combines the cutting-edge technology of modern medicine with the experienced team of physicians and support staff from Elicare Medical to build an effective and straight-forward physician-to-client relationship.

Swiss Super Aqua Needle

The high-precision water-light needle from Switzerland contains pure hyaluronic acid ester and other supplementary nutrients for the skin, which has a unique effect of moisturizing, rejuvenating skin, removing wrinkles, and tightening pores.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Originating in Switzerland, our hyaluronic acid treatments focuses on lifting your skin tone and erasing wrinkles. Based purely on natural origins, these injections contain essential nutrients that support and respect the inherent elements of your skin.

Frozen Lipolysis Technology

Cryolipolysis is a cutting-edge non-invasive weight loss and shaping new technology, which has been widely spread in North America since 2015. Cryolipolysis can cause fat cells to dissolve under special low temperature conditions, and has no effect on other cell tissues of the body.

Cryolipolysis treatment

Cryolipolysis stands as a cutting-edge fat reduction technique. By placing lipid structures under low temperature, the treatment encourages rapid degeneration of fat cells. Its non-invasive nature insures that there are no significant adverse effects to your body.

Beauty Treatment
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Other business

In addition to the above business, panda needles, fat-dissolving needles, face-lifting needles, shoulder-throwing needles, stovepipe needles, and filling of various parts can be implemented. In order to bring you the most comprehensive service, please contact us if you have any personal beauty needs.


Other treatments

At Boen, we focus on a highly personalized portfolio of service. If you have a specific treatment option in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests or inquiries.

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