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BOEN-BOEN is based on the injection medical micro-plastic skin management clinic established by Elicare Medical Group. At Elicare  (Richmond) With the support of strong medical and healthcare resources, as well as many years of professional medical experience combined with aesthetics, the combination of cutting-edge medical technology in North America and high-end humanized service quality allows customers to obtain a healthy, perfect face and ultimate body.

Swiss Super Aqua Needle | Face-lift Needle | Hyaluronic Acid Micro Surgery | Diamond Water Zipper  | Panda Stitch

Thin Shoulder Needle | Double Chin Fat Dissolving Needle | Ultrasonic Tightening Treatment​  | Vaginal Tightening Ultrasound | Skin Management|  

PRP Autologous Serum Hair Transplant | Tong Yan Needle | Freezing Point Hair Removal | Wrinkle Needle | Antiperspirant Needle | Laser Acne Removal  

We will provide private customized solutions according to the needs of each customer, especially good at the facial and body aesthetics of Asian people.

All our services and products only choose the US and Canada FDA certification. All medical staff have BC injection license and special product training.

At Boen, we deliver a comprehensive cosmetic strategy for our clients from a select number of highly effective and noninvasive  procedures.  

We welcome clients both men and women.

In partnership with Elicare Medical Group, the Burnaby based clinic features,  injections, and rejuvenation techniques delivered by our team of certified physicians, nurses, and technicians. 

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Vitalia Vaginal Tightening Ultrasound-  Vaginal Rejuvenation


TempSure Ultrasonic Firming Treatment-RF Skin Rejuvenation 


Swiss Super Water Luminous Needle-Redensity [I]


Face-lift pin  -Botox by Allergan


Diamond water shuttle-  Silk Peel


PRP  -Facial  -Autologous Serum Therapy 


Autologous serum hair transplant-  PRP-Hair  (Plasma Rich Platlet)


Children's beauty needle-Sculptra Galderma


Double Chin Lipolysis Needle-Belkyra (Kybella)


Panda needle-Redensity [II]


Other products and recommendations-Other Product

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Visible effect, assured service
Bo Yan Medical is located in Burnaby area and is a medical beauty platform established in cooperation with the local Elicare Medical Group. With the support of Elicare's strong medical and healthcare resources, Boyan Medical has combined cutting-edge medical technology in North America and high-end humanized service quality to meet the various medical needs of Chinese in Metro Vancouver.
All our services and products only choose the US and Canada FDA certification. All medical staff have BC injection license and special product training.
Dedication to Quality
All devices and products from Boen are specifically selected because of their high rates of success, safety (FDA Approved in the United States and Canada), fast recovery times, and visible results. 
Our staff are all certified physicians and nurses with license to inject and specially trained to perform all cosmetic procedures. 

Doctor and nurse

Physicians & Nurses


Doctor Feng  -Dr. Sharon Fong B.Sc (Hons)  MD CFPC

Certified by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC and Certification in the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Bachelor's of Science with Honors and Medical Degree  from University of British Columbia.  

Dr. Fong has been a family physician in Vancouver for over 21  years. She has her own practice in Richmond, BC. She has specialty training in botox, dermal fillers, cosmetic treatments and is knowledgeable about  effective skincare cosmetic procedures. 

Dr. Guo-Dr Ezra Kwok MD CCFP

Dr. Ezra Kwok is a practicing Physician, Medical Researcher, Engineer and Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC). In his former role as Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering at UBC, Professor Kwok founded the graduate-level Biomedical Engineering Program and served as its inaugural Program Director from 2005 to 2010.  Outside of his academic interests, Dr. Kwok is a primary care physician at two medical and surgical practice groups in Vancouver and Richmond. He is also a staff physician and surgical assistant for Providence Health, and a medical advisor for WorkSafeBC.

In addition to his role as a family doctor, Dr. Kwok also specializes in minor surgeries and skin care especially in the management and laser treatment of acne and associated scarring. Outside of his professional pursuits and research interests, Dr. Kwok enjoys international travel with his wife and children. He also participates in overseas surgical mission work at least once a year.

1. Make an appointment with our medical beauty skin care consultant/doctor

2. The first appointment: design a unique maintenance system for you

   Take photos and send skin care products

3. The second appointment: take photos to see the skin and the improvement of medical beauty


4. Change or continue your care system

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Richmond  -Address Richmond Address

140-5611 Cooney Rd

Richmond, BC V6X 3K5

Canadian Passport Office Ground Floor

Lansdowne T&T diagonally opposite

Tel: 604-416-0855

Tel2: 604-369-2710

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