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Licensed & Certified

About Us: Established in 2018, Boen Medical Cosmetics, in partnership with Elicare Medical, aims to deliver high quality medical cosmetics to clients from a variety of backgrounds in the Greater Vancouver Area.


Specializing in photorejuvenation, cryolipolysis, as well as conventional personal care regiments grounded in diet and nutrition, Boen combines the cutting-edge technology of modern medicine with the experienced team of physicians and support staff from Elicare Medical to build an effective and straight-forward physician -to-client relationship.

Platinum Beauty is based on the injection medical micro-plastic skin management clinic established by Elicare Medical Group. With the support of Elicare's strong medical and healthcare resources, as well as years of professional medical experience combined with aesthetics, the combination of cutting-edge medical technology in North America and high-end humanized service quality allows customers to obtain a healthy, perfect face and ultimate body.

We will provide private customized solutions according to the needs of each customer, especially good at the facial and body aesthetics of Asian people.

All our services and products only choose the US and Canada FDA certification. All medical staff have BC injection license and special product training.
Address: 140-5611 Cooney Rd. Richmond, BC V6X 3J6 
Tel: 604-369-2710

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