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Redensity1 Treatment - 瑞士超级水光针 (3ML)

  • 30 分鐘
  • 140-5611 Cooney Road


采用美国FDA+加拿大健康局+欧洲CE三方临床实验认证安全的瑞士泰奥水光针,配合美国正版V2九针负压注射器,均匀不漏液注射,可根据皮肤状况调节注射深度,最大程度实现深层补水和滋养,同时瑞士泰奥水光针富含多种氨基酸和抗氧化物,让皮肤水润同时更增加自然光泽,效果持久。 Utilizing the Redensity1, which holds clinical certifications from the US FDA, Health Canada, and European CE, in combination with the authentic US V2 nine-needle negative pressure injector, ensures even and non-leaking injections. The injection depth can be adjusted based on skin condition, achieving deep hydration and nourishment to the maximum extent. Additionally, the Redensity1 is rich in various amino acids and antioxidants, resulting in well-hydrated and naturally radiant skin with long-lasting effects.



140-5611 Cooney Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada

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