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Skinceuticals ® Glycolic Acid Peel


  • 30 分鐘
  • 140-5611 Cooney Road


全套修丽可®专业果酸焕肤,其中的杏仁酸与皮肤亲和力高、温和不刺激且易渗透胶层的一种果酸,可帮助角质溶解,平衡油脂分泌,畅通毛孔,增加皮肤光泽感,视觉上立现冷白皮效果。高浓度果酸更可渗透肌底,彻底杀死痤疮细菌,从根本抑制肌肤炎症问题。 complete Skinceuticals ® professional fruit acid skin rejuvenation treatment, featuring almond acid which is highly skin-friendly, mild and non-irritating, and easy penetration through the epidermis. It helps to dissolve keratin, balance sebum secretion, unclog pores, enhance skin radiance, and visually achieve a cool and fair complexion effect. High-concentration fruit acid can penetrate deeper into the skin, completely eliminate acne bacteria, and fundamentally inhibit skin inflammation problems.



140-5611 Cooney Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada

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