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Medical Microneedling - 医学微针

干细胞外泌体™ 微针(抗衰再生)

  • 30 分鐘
  • 140-5611 Cooney Road


Exosome™ Microneedling 干细胞外泌体™ 微针(抗衰再生) 内含25亿个外泌体颗粒,可实现营养供给和皮肤再生,使肌肤细胞年轻化,有效减缓衰老现象,并帮助受损组织加速修复,同时可加速伤口愈合,促进疤痕修复,有效预防肌肤炎症反应。 It contains 2.5 billion exosome particles, promotes nutrient delivery and skin regeneration, rejuvenates skin cells, effectively slows down signs of aging, and helps speed up the repair of damaged tissues. In addition, it can also accelerate wound healing, promote scar recovery, and effectively prevent skin inflammation.



140-5611 Cooney Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada

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