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Diamond Facial Treatment - 钻石面部护理

  • 30 分鐘
  • 140-5611 Cooney Road


Deeply cleanse pores, remove old keratin, dirt, and dead skin cells to ensure smooth skin pathways. This facilitates the absorption of nutrients and skincare products, leaving the skin clean and non-greasy. Additionally, it can remove fine and soft facial hair for a smoother complexion. 深层清洁毛孔、老旧角质、污垢、死皮细胞等,让皮肤通道顺利打通,有利 于营养物质/保养品等吸收,让皮肤干净无油腻,同时可去除脸上短而柔软 的绒毛



140-5611 Cooney Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada

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