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Breast Lifting Treatment - 乳房提升治疗


  • 30 分鐘
  • 140-5611 Cooney Road


通过脉冲光波刺激胶原蛋白再生,配合全套胸部医美级护理,丰盈紧致超声波导入,增强胸部微循环,增强乳房弹性,使胸部皮肤更加细腻柔软,活跃胸部细胞组织,紧致胸部肌肤。 The treatment utilizes pulsed light waves to stimulate collagen regeneration, combined with a comprehensive medical-grade care for the chest area, including the introduction of firming and volumizing elements under ultrasound guidance. Enhance breast microcirculation, increase breast elasticity, and make breast skin more delicate and tender. The procedure actively rejuvenates breast tissue and tightens the skin in the breast area.



140-5611 Cooney Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada

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