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What does Botox injection do? These include:
Anti-wrinkle injections (for dynamic wrinkles/preventive wrinkle treatment): Help 
reduce expression lines and dynamic wrinkles while preventing wrinkles caused by skin aging. Hyperhidrosis/Body Odor Treatment: Can reduce excessive sweating or body odor problems without discomfort and embarrassment. Face Slimming: Improve facial symmetry by reducing the size of the masseter muscle, improving over-protruding jawline. Contouring Injections: Helps prevent sagging caused by platysma stretch, maintaining firmer, youthful facial contours. Shoulder Slimming Injections: Elongate the appearance of the neck, relieve neck fatigue, and reduce the appearance of prominent neck muscles. Slimming Leg Injections: Improves calf and thigh muscle contour for a more streamlined, visually elongated appearance. 
Usually, the effect lasts for 4-6 months and gradually wears off with the body's natural metabolism without any noticeable side effects.

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